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Buried in CHANEL? Yes, that's a thing...

September 19, 2017

So we're reading our daily rollup of all that is new in the fashion world and stumble on this gem from Racked.com which reminded us of one of our many customer stories. Enter a young lady, let's call her Ms. Simone who made a bee-line to the dress section but promptly caught her eye on a stunning Fall 2009 Chanel dress that was adorned with a jeweled neckline, slit shoulders and long draped sleeves.  The size was definitely, how shall we say, ... not a perfect fit, but she matter-of-fact quipped:

Ms. S: "...It doesn't matter"

Bis: "<insert our quizzical/WTF face> Why not?"

Ms. S: "I want to be buried in this"

Bis: "...crickets..."


She bought the dress.

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