Bis Designer Resale in New York Magazine!

September 17, 2014


Their words, not ours:

It's twenty blocks north of Barney's and Bergdorf's, but a trip to BIS Designer Resale is worth the trek for shoppers willing to buy designer pieces secondhand. The tiny consignment shop is jammed with more labels than's home page: A recent visit held barely-worn Manolos, several Chanel suit jackets, and a small stash of Hermès purses (alas, no Birkins). The store itemizes its stock by category—heels, skirts, eveningwear—rather than designer, but mention Gucci, Pucci, or any other name and you'll immediately be shown what's available. Die-hard shoppers can hunt for BIS bargains around the clock on the store's eBay page, and phone calls from regulars asking about new arrivals are a common occurrence. While the boutique's selection is astonishing, be advised that unlike some thrift stores downtown, BIS is not the place to score hidden gems for $20. The store understands the value of every item, and prices things accordingly—usually, at about 60 percent of the original retail value, which can mean $500 for Manolo boots or $250 for a Gucci purse.

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